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Welcome to accommodation in Pattaya City, Best Corner Pattaya,located in Walking Street  Pattaya Tai area , Just 5 minutes from Pattaya Tai Beach, we have rooms for you  for any occasion, relaxing with your family, you can relax during your time here, come to make your fantastic holiday in Pattaya City, Pattaya City we have various and interesting places. Our guest house and serviced apartment is the central hubof travelling to places and entertainment such as Walking Street, where the famous international entertainment of Pattaya City is, Pattaya City has lots of famous and various shopping malls such as Royal Garden Department Store, where you are able to visit theWax Museum in “believe it or not”. The Central Department Store having various brand name products, famous restaurants,Spectacular Theaters. We have a pierat  Laem Bali Hai, where you can get transportation from Pattaya City to Lan Island,this pier just 10 Minutes from your guest house and serviced apartment.Our guest house and serviced apartment is not far away from the other interesting places such as Pattaya Park (water park). A amazing view point at Big Buddha (and we have Statue of KingKromLuangChumphonfor your worship). We are ready to welcome and service you with our pleasure at Best Corner l Pattaya

We offer you to visit  Radio Station, it is located  Hill of Sor.Thor .Ror 5 , to worship the statue of Phra Chao Borom Wong ThurKromLuangChumporn “Father ofThailand's army.” ,and  “ LuangPhorYai , Big Buddha Image, the  Holy invaluable of Pattaya City, where the one of the most interesting places of  Pattaya  City. The Statue ofAdmiralPhra Chao Borom Wong ThurKromLuangChumpornKhetUdomsak, located  on “Pra Tam Nak Hill”  Or. “ KhaoPra Bath ”.

Or the other name  called  “ KhaoSor.Thor.Ror”, as mentioned on the  Radio Station , F.M 104.75 MHz , is under control of theNavy, most tourist come to visit and worship  “ Sadet Tia  ” ( OngKromLuangChumporn ) , and pray asking for a successful life

For worship we use 9 inches , red roses, cracker ,betel and fruits

At this Sor.Thor.Ror 5, you canworship the statue of Phra Chao Borom Wong ThurKromLuangChumporn, and see the View point , most of tourist  come to visit , you can see  Pattaya City View . Sor.Thor.Ror 5 Hill opened  daily from 7.00 AM. To 22.00 P.M

And the other place is not far , located “ WatPhraYai ” where this is the biggest Buddha image in Chon Buri Province named “ PhraphutthasukhothaiWalaichonlathan ”, the local people call it “ LuangPhorYai ”, established in 1977, thisBuddhaimage  has lap5 Wha , and is5inches broad , and 9 Wha , 9incheshigh, besides  in the area of the temple , there is a standing Buddha images , and the daily born which housed around this area.

For your visiting pattaya City, don’t forget to visit and worship  for having lucking life , and  get impressed from this amazing place in Pattaya

For more information , call Tourism Authority of Thailand, Pattaya City Office ,located  No. 609 ,Village No. 10 , Pratamnak Road , NongPrue Sub-district , Bang Lamung District , Chon Buri Province 20260, Telephone  038 427 667 , 038 428 750 ,038 423 990

Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya is one of the stores in Pattaya City, it hasenlightened many people who have passed and visited this Store. This store has various brand name products, various restaurants for servicing international customers, in Royal Garden Plaza, there is “Ripley‘s believe it or not museum”, This museum entertains adults and children. For this reason Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya is the one that should be recommend for your visiting

Royal Garden Plaza established about 1992-1993. Welcomes tourists and the local person, although this store has beenconstructed for a long time it is modern, clean, and remains unique with Pattaya City.

Royal Garden Plaza  consisted of  4 floors , the first floor and the second floor  consisted various brand name clothes shops and restaurants such as  Guess/Chaps/Jaspal/Swarovski /Esprit/French connection/the Coffee Club /the Pizza Company /Swenson’s/Starbucks. in the store consists of many small shops . The third floor is the entertainment floor , where the location of Ripley ‘s believe it or not museum , we named as Ripley’s World of  Entertainment, the adventure  , enjoyable place with family and friends , there are many amazing  activities such as

Haunted House,4D movies ,Maze andwax.The top floor  of Royal Garden Plaza consist of a  famous restaurant  this is called Food Wave, Central of international Food , outside of this floor , the is a view point which on the beach road, there are a lot of international food such as  Thai, Chinese , Vietnamese , Italian food etc , the store opened from 11.00 A.M to 23.00 P.M, this store is located between  Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai zone , on Beach Road ,and  it’s easy to find.

Central Festival Pattaya having various production, brand name clothes (location 1st floor and 3rd floor), ornaments(Basement floor),Electricalequipment., IT Production , Mobile phones ( 3rd floor ) , delicious food  at Food Court ( Basement floor ) , and restaurants ( located 5th-6th floor ) , health and beauty clinic ,including book shop, both Thai and foreigner language  available , Of course , if you  are interesting in Movies , there is SFX Cinema  for serving you , located  at the top floor of the store , in the SFX area , there is also SF Blowing  and games available.

Central Festival Pattaya is the biggest Department Store in Asia, located nearest the sea (beach road) 111 Meters wide. This Department store is central all of  Goods , waiting to service you , this Department store is in a beautiful  location and having a beautiful view point , because  it is located beach Road  along to beach until Pratamnak  Hill, you can see the beautiful view point  from the building out to Beach Road

Central Festival Pattaya beach, having 2 entrances from Pattaya Soi 2,located Soi 9 area and from beach Road, open from 10. A.M -23.00 P.M, having a parking lot service, including the parking for disabilities andspecial priories   

Thepprasit Market Pattaya, This night market is the most active in Pattaya, This market we have various fashion products for you such as  Bags , shoes , books watches etc , this market we have pets  zone , and IT accessories, we have both new and second hand product, we have various products  a such as  mobile phones,  MP3’s, Games,gadget accessories, some time we have the other activities of entertainment such as  Singer Contest or other shows

Thepprasit Market opens just 3 nights ; Friday , Saturday and Sunday night , from 17.00 P.M  to 23.00 P.M, the most active time will be 19.00 P.M to 21.00 P.M , after 10.00 P.M  we will have less customers

Pattaya walking Street is the most active night entertainment place to be, Our hotel is in a very convenient place next to walking street,Walking Street is the most popular place where most tourist both Thai and foreigner come to visit for looking at shows and for their own entertainment.Here we have lots of choicesof places where you can choose the perfectdrinking place cheerily, and move to the other pubs/bars which openuntil 2 O’clock  in the morning. As well as night clubs that open until 6am. This street you can walk through to get to the Bali Hai  pier ( The pier is for going to KhoLan Island )

Being one of Pattaya famous place of Pattaya City, there is a high tower , located between  Pattaya City and Jomtien beach , the spectacular  view points available, you can look around Pattaya  City, Pattaya Park has  other  interesting activities such as  Sky train, Tower short, and ocean Park.This is only for PattayaPark visitors, the tower is 55 floors high, there is view point (charging fromentrance). When you would like to go down, you have a choice for going down, for the adventures person, you can jump down from the tower!, there is a security safety life, the other choice by going down by group is with Vehicleslikespaceships, you are able to going down to the ground floor, if you dare not to take the said transportation, you can use lifts that are available.

At the 52nd, 53rdfloor, there is a buffetfood service, but charging per person. Whilst eating you havea fantasticsurround View of Pattaya City.


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